AC10 Mini Candy Depositor

Output Per Hour 9,000

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A superior alternative to manually gummy production. Discover unmatched precision and efficiency with our product, bidding farewell to inaccuracies and messy depositing.The AC10 isn’t just a machine; it’s a powerhouse of customization. With its user-friendly touchscreen interface, program up to 60 different recipes effortlessly. Fine-tune your output with dual temperature control settings, offering unmatched flexibility. Plus, its volume dispense setting ensures seamless compatibility with various tray types, making recipe setup a breeze to meet all your depositing needs.

  • Up to 9000 pieces per hour
  • Only one operator needed
  • Compatible with gelatin gummies, candy, and chocolate

Gummy Depositor Specifications

  • Maximum Temperature is

    130 degrees

  • Servo Motor


  • Power Supply

    110V-24VAC 50-60Hz

  • Number Of Nozzles


  • Hopper Size


  • Shot Size

    1-4.76 grams/shot

  • HMI

    Touch Screen

  • Floor Size

    25" X 14" X 29"

AC10 Mini Candy Depositor Components

Intuitive Touch Screen

The AC10 gummy depositor allows you to control using Intuitive Touch Screen. Temperature, deposit volume mold spacing can be easily updated based on your demand.

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Multi-Nozzle Depositor

Multi-Nozzle depositor allows you to deposit product into the 10 mold in single shot. With right parameters you can deposit product direct into mold which will prevent messy and imprecise gummy production.

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See the AC10 in Action

Introducing The NEW AC10 Mini Candy Depositor

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