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What kind of products is the RoboCAP compatible with?
The RoboCAP is compatible with all liquid products. From creams and topicals to oils.
How many products can I fill on one RoboCAP?
Our robots are completely customized depending on what you need to fill. The base of the RoboCAP always remains the same. However, depending on what type of product your filling, you can switch out the nozzle, trays, molds, tank size and heating options. (Easy changeover and no downtime required)
Should I only purchase one RoboCAP?
The amount of RoboCAPs required for your production is entirely dependent on your production needs and budget. Our robot provides a filling system that can meet all your current and future filling needs. Allowing you to scale your production as demands grow.
How do I learn how to use the equipment?
Upon purchasing our equipment, we provide an exclusive online library of training videos to give your businesses the information it needs to get your production up and running. ATG also has around the clock technical support calls with members of our team. They are happy to jump on a virtual call to answer any questions you have.
What if I am having trouble using the machine or if something malfunctions?
ATG offers 24/7 support for our clients. We offer FREE online the calls, and should local companies request in-facility training, we are happy to do so. We can travel internationally if necessary, should troubleshooting issues arise.
How do I know the RoboCAP can fill my product?
What separates our machine in the industry is the ability to customize your filling production line. The RoboCAP has endless capabilities. From vape cartridges, bottle filling, lotions, balms, capsules, edibles, you name it, we can fill it. If you are still unsure, we are happy to offer custom testing for your product before you decide to purchase. That way you can be assured your product and machine will meet the highest standards.
How accurate is the RoboCAP’s filling?
2.5% Fill Volume accuracy
Is there a lot of maintenance required on the RoboCAP?
The maintenance required on the RoboCAP is comparable to any fully auto machine on the market. With all machines, cleaning and calibrating is necessary. ATG provides full documentation covering all the steps to ensure your robot is running optimally.
Will you notify me when my shipment leaves?
Yes, client success will inform you that your order has left our facility. You will receive an email with the tracking number and expected delivery date. Once the order has been delivered, a delivery confirmation email will be sent to book your set-up and training call.
Is the equipment fairly standard to set up?
Manuals for all our equipment is included with each shipment to assist you with learning about your equipment. ATG also offers a complementary training and set-up call with our technical support team. During this meeting we teach you how to set up all the equipment purchased. Along with training your team, so your company can start filling right after!
If needed, how can I place an order for parts in the future?
Our technical support team is accessible to our clients around the clock. This is for any troubleshooting, technical support, and for placing parts orders. Our team can advise any parts you may need to improve production as well as fulfill any requests our clients may have for additional parts.

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