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Capsule Filling Machine

Output Per Hour 500 - 700

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Setup time has been brought down to a minimum with the ML-1VF. Simply plug in, calibrate, and start filling your capsules.

Capsule Filling Machine Specifications

  • Fill Rate (Per Hour)*

    500 - 700

  • Weight (kg)


  • Width (mm)


  • Height (mm)


  • Depth (mm)


  • Power Supply

    AC 110 - 220V 300W

  • Dispensable Volume Range

    10ml - 1L

*Based size 00 Capsules

Capsule Filling Machine Components

Volumetric Filling Nozzle

Designed to optimize low-volume product filling, the VF nozzle dispenses product with a +/- 2% filling accuracy. Set the exact product volume you want and start filling!The product is pushed through the line from the pressure vessel and into the syringe through the VF dual valve where is it then dispensed out of the nozzle tip and into the cartridge or capsule.

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Pressure Vessel

The bottom-out pressure vessels are designed with back pressure to guarantee all product flows evenly and consistently through the tubing. This ensures every bit of product is not wasted and reduces the chance of air bubbles in your product.The stainless-steel tanks range from 1L, 1g, 3g, 5g, and 10-gallon in size. All our pressure vessels are compatible with our mixers and heating systems for even heat distribution throughout the tank and cleaner filling process.

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