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The MonoBlox Product Suite consists of the MonoBlox, the MonoPress, and the MonoTray. This setup is ideal for filling & capping press top cartridges. The MonoBlox are custom cut for your cartridge sizes and are removable from the MonoTray so that the closing process can begin while the machine continues to fill. This eliminates any chance of leaking, clogging or oxidization. The system derives off of air pressure and is the perfect addition to your cartridge production line.

Product Features:

  • Fill to Capped within 45 seconds
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Enclosed Secure Pressing Space
  • Overall Increased Throughput
  • Custom molded to your product

Cartridge Press Specifications

  • Cycle Time (sec)


  • Weight (kg)


  • Width (mm)


  • Height (mm)


  • Depth (mm)


  • Input Pressure Range (PSI)

    50 - 120

  • Max Cartridge Height (mm)


*For Press Top Cartridges Only*

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