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Creams & Topicals

Output Per Hour 500 - 1,500

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This filling solution combines our pneumatic and peristaltic components to create the best lotions filling system. Our lotion filling system uses both a pressurized product vessel and the peristaltic pumps to dispense even the thickest lotions and balms. Plus, an option to upgrade to a dual nozzle system for double the output time and increase any team's production.

Creams & Topicals Specifications

  • Fill Rate (Per Hour)*

    500 - 1,500

  • Weight (kg)


  • Width (mm)


  • Height (mm)


  • Depth (mm)


  • Power Supply

    AC 110 - 220V 300W

  • Dispense Accuracy

    +/- 5%

  • Dispensable Volume Range

    10ml - 1L

  • Temperature Range

    0C - 100C

*Based on 0.5ml deposit

Creams & Topicals Components

Peristaltic Pump & Pressure Vessel

This peristaltic system uses a positive displacement pump to squeeze the silicon product tubing and draw product through the dispensing nozzles, providing a consistent flow as the pressure vessel provides back pressure to ensure every bit of product is not wasted.Tank sizes available are 1,3,5 & 10-gallon. All our pressure vessels are compatible with our mixers and heating systems to maintain heat and product consistency throughout the filling process.

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Cosmetic Programming

Programming can be set for the dispensing pattern. Perfect for cosmetic creams and topicals for an even despot and finishing ‘swirl’ for a clean and polished finish.

Custom Trays

Custom molded trays specific to your own product are created in-house for a perfect fit on the RoboCAP. Clients will receive three trays for each size or type of product container, eliminating operators downtime and ensuring production is the most efficient.

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