The Story of ATG Pharma Inc. - From a one-car garage to servicing top MSO's in the industry

If you think you need a corporate office to get your business started, think again. What is now one of North America's top filling and packaging equipment manufacturers once started in CEO Mike Lio's one-car home garage only five short years ago.   

ATG Pharma was initially founded with the vision to allow smaller manufacturers access to automation efficacies. Something that large manufacturing companies once only afforded. However, at the time co-founders, Chris Shar and Devon Lio saw an opportunity to capitalize on an entirely new industry.  

Automating the Cannabis Industry

With a projected industry value of $97B globally by 2026, the cannabis industry in the next five years is on the path to becoming highly competitive on a global scale. It is no secret that companies must adapt to technological and automation-focused businesses to gain market share and profitability for companies to thrive in this landscape. However, for many of these start-up companies, a significant challenge they are facing is that traditional automation is too expensive, and manual filling has much higher production costs and potential issues. The group noticed there were no in-between solutions, which spearheaded the mission to reposition their technology (initially designed for pharma) to address this gap in the market and become a leader to power this new industry.  

With over 20 years of experience at some of Canada's top pharmaceutical production facilities, it is CEO Mike Lio's thirst for knowledge and keen entrepreneurial instincts that have enabled ATG to successfully supply benchtop liquid filling and packaging equipment to cannabis producers. ATG offers versatile automation for their cannabis oils, capsules, lotions, tinctures, edibles, and other custom applications in mainstream cannabis CBD and THC products.  

Automated Cannabis Production Today

Fast forward to 2021, ATG Pharma has outgrown multiple office spaces with a team of over 30 employees and is trusted by some of the world's largest global cannabis companies. The ATG platform has given small to medium-sized businesses access to entry-level, flexible, and versatile automation that never existed before. This allows these companies to achieve automated efficiencies at a once affordable scale to large companies with significant capital budgets. Clients like Curaleaf were able to acquire new company production records by increasing output by 4x while reducing their production costs by tens of thousands per month reminds the company how far they have come and the impact they are providing to the industry. Curaleaf Case Study here. In addition, they have partnerships with European distributors to expand their reach globally and continue to be a leading name for supplying international customers with new, quality-made filling and packaging equipment backed by the best customer service in the industry. 

While there are still plans in the future to grow their presence globally, at the core of their mission since day one has been and still is to provide exceptional solutions and customer services to their clients. Their humble beginnings prove that great ideas are still outstanding, no matter where they started or developed. 

For more information on ATG Pharma and the services we provide, visit Explore their build and price tool or book a free demo with a sales technician. 




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