Manual Filling: The Hidden Costs Overlooked on the Balance Sheet

Operator filling product using the RoboCAP with Headline title, Hidden Costs of Manual Labour, How to empower your operators to be at their best overlaid on the photo.

Manual filling production may appear to be a lesser capital cost investment, but have you considered the hidden costs of labour-intensive production? Often, there are unforeseen costs for both your business and employees that go beyond the dollars and cents. This production style gives way for systematic errors that can reveal themselves in other higher costs such as injury, human error, and employee turnover. 

Hidden Cost of Manual Filling Labour    

Spillage and inaccurate filling 

Not only does manual filling put pressure on operators to be correct in all details of their work, but the reality is, people aren't perfect. Issues can arise with volume variations in a batch, product quality, and oxidation. These errors result in production downtime and duplication of time to correct. With manual filing systems, the level of service is dependent on individuals. Therefore, it requires continuous measures and oversight to ensure the proper procedures take place. 

Strain, Fatigue, and Injury 

When operators are required to perform the same movement repeatedly, the chances of injury increase, one common effect of manual filling labour is Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). This results in staff fatigue and without physical breaks, it becomes a larger issue resulting in employee injuries, absences, or worse, employee turnover. Production can only happen when staff is physically working. Therefore, with the need for increased breaks to avoid injury, production is forced to slow down significantly. 

Employee Turnover

Let's face it. The end goal for businesses is to increase consumer demand, but with rapid growth comes growing pains for employees to meet the increasing filling demands. When operators do not feel adequately equipped, frustration sets in. This can create a much less enjoyable production and overall workplace morale. Past data has shown businesses whose employees didn't feel supported or valued by their employers had a higher turnover rate, which creates a whole new level of costs for companies. 

Manual filling with list of cons. Higher Risk for Injury, Employee Frestration, spillage & In-accurate filling. With RoboCAP machine below listing, Safe and efficient for operators, easy to increase production volumes, happier and empowered employers.

How To Reduce Hidden Costs and Empower your Operators?

Automate Your Process

Streamlining Your Production Through Automation

Adapting automation into your production processes will help limit inaccuracies and create a more cost-effective tool that can empower your operators. Additionally, a semi-auto production line allows the operators to control their output numbers, remove the risk of injury, and give the filling production team autonomy.  

Operators leaning into the RoboCAP machine to observe while it is filling 30ml bottles.

Empower Staff with the Proper Tools and Processes

Semi-auto filling equipment allows your company to automate production while maintaining autonomy. Investing in the best equipment not only creates an efficient production line but can make a happier workplace for your employees. While all businesses seek growth and opportunity, when your production volumes increase to meet demand, the extra filling no longer strains your operators. They oversee the production, and with the proper equipment, they can adapt to support the increased demands. Your business remains agile with the ability to react to the market quickly and safely for your staff.  

Find a Filling Solution Customized to Your Business Needs 

We understand filling solutions are not one size fits all. Each company requires specifications unique to your product, packaging, and production needs. That's why it's essential to understand your options when switching to automated bench-top filling equipment. ATG's RoboCAP provides a completely customized solution to support your business's needs. For more information on your production options, book a   free demo here! You'll have a chance to see these efficient and safe machines in action and speak with an experienced sales technician today to get all the answers you need! 


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