5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Vape Filling Equipment

There are many different types of vape-filling machines on the market. While the least expensive one may look tempting, it may hurt you down the line and cost you more money to replace, repair, troubleshoot, or even expand your operations. 

These are just some of the concerns when purchasing vape-filling equipment. This article will go over the five key things you should consider when deciding which vape filling machine to buy. The five factors are: 

  • Ensure it can scale with your production 
  • Strong tech support 
  • Reputation and industry experience 
  • Flexible / Versatile 
  • Fast Change Over / Easy Cleaning 

1. Ensure That It Scales With Your Production Requirements

When it comes to vape filling equipment, scalability can be defined as the ability to change and adapt to your company's needs in terms of growth and sustainability. As the industry grows and more demand enters the market, your company's production capacity will also be expected to capitalize on the growing demand. 

When choosing which vape-filling equipment to purchase, look for a filling machine that enables you to smoothly expand your operations without the worry of needing to replace your current filling equipment. If you want to avoid spillage and need exact measurements to measure dosage and volume, off-the-shelf filling machines won’t be practical. 

As your company grows, automating the filling process cuts back on labour costs, maximizing the needed profit margins. Choosing an automated or semi-automated vape-filling machine can significantly increase your production capabilities, allowing you to output substantially more units per hour than manual filling systems. 

2. Strong And Reliable Tech Support

Purchasing new vape-filling equipment from a single supplier can often provide more reliable support and technical solutions if any problems arise. You won’t have to contact several companies to troubleshoot problems across multiple vape-filling machines, and you are far more likely to get the help you need quickly. 

A supplier's ability to service their equipment is invaluable when minimizing operational downtime. If your vape-filling processes are fully automated with several machines, sticking to one manufacturer is a great way to avoid potential output problems when communicating with different machines simultaneously.

3. Reputation and Industry Experience

Some vape-filling equipment manufacturers have been working in the pharmaceutical industry for dozens of years; ATG Pharma is one of them. When purchasing vape-filling equipment, it is critical to look at the reputation of the company you’re purchasing from and their level of experience in manufacturing filling and packaging equipment. 

Companies with good reputations will typically have more sales, reviews, and advocates for the features and benefits of their products. In addition to the manufacturing experience companies will have gained over time, it is also significant to understand who is leading those companies and their experience in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, packaging, and filling. 

It is not uncommon for buyers to purchase multiple vape filling machines from the same manufacturer as their production needs increase. If you purchase your vape-filling machine from a manufacturer that went out of business, you might find yourself replacing all your equipment instead of purchasing 1 or 2 new machines - which can cost significantly more in the long term.

4. Flexible And Versatile Usage

When choosing the right vape-filling equipment for your business, keep in mind the flexibility and versatility of the machine you are looking to purchase. Vape-filling equipment and packaging machinery can be expensive to replace or repair. Ideally, you want to future-proof your company's production line as much as possible. Your machines must be ready to pivot production from 1 product to another with minimum downtime. 

When it comes to the versatility of vape-filling equipment, look for a machine that can fill most types of cartridges, pods, capsules, syringes, or jars. The machine you purchase must also be able to adjust its dispense volume with high accuracy and precision. The machine must also be able to swap tray arrays easily to adjust for new product innovations. 

Another feature you may want to look for when purchasing vape-filling equipment is the ability to adjust dispensing speeds and dispensing force to better suit less viscous vape oils. In addition to variable dispensing capabilities, your vape filling equipment should also be able to monitor all of its operations and offer real-time feedback and diagnostics for all its systems. 

5. Fast Change over / Easy Cleaning

When deciding which vape-filling machine to purchase, a vital yet often overlooked feature would be how easy it is to clean. Production cleanliness is critical and highly regulated to ensure the health of workers and consumers. 

By choosing a vape-filling machine that can be easily cleaned, you reduce downtime and product losses. Oily residue in vape cartridges can be tough to remove if left unattended for too long. The longer you leave oil residue in your vape-filling equipment, the more residue will build up, requiring more cleaning solution or a stronger emulsifier. Vape-filling equipment that allows you to access the tank easily is a good option when looking for a machine that can be easily cleaned. Easy access to your filling machine’s tank will allow you to quickly flush the system and remove viscous oils altogether.

If you want to learn more about vape filling equipment or purchase a high-quality vape filling machine, contact ATG Pharma.

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