5 Signs It's Time to Automate Your Filling Production


So, you're wondering if your filling production would benefit from automation? Perhaps it costs your extra business money to fill the way you are currently manually? If you are a company in the cannabis industry experiencing growing pains from increased demands, it may be time to consider upgrading to automation.  

Determining when to automate your filling line doesn't have to be difficult, but research needs to happen to make the best decision for your business and returns. Here are five signs that you are ready to automate your filling production: 

1. Volume Has Increased: 

Is your business experiencing rapid growth? Congrats! Increased volumes are exciting, but it becomes hard to meet production volumes without the proper equipment to support your demand. Our rule of thumb, if you're filling more than 1000 units a day, it's time to automate.  

2. Introducing a New Product Type to Production:

Are you looking to launch a new product? This requires a more efficient and versatile process. With semi-auto filling machines, costs remain low, while fill capabilities are endless. From cartridges, capsules, gummies, creams, balms, and more  

3. Frequent Production Mistakes and/or Filling Inaccuracies:

The reality is people aren't perfect. Issues can arise with variations in a batch and product quality. Errors lead to production downtime and duplication of time to correct. By Investing in automation you now have the opportunity to empower your operators with the right equipment and reduce the number of oversights needed to ensure proper procedures manual filling requires.   

4. Looking for a way to Trim Production Costs:

By investing in automation, you are building a foundation to grow. Once the costs for equipment are covered, your production strictly generates revenue. Becoming a long-term cost-saving as your long-term cost per unit is less. 

5. Wanting to Improve Best Practices:

Automation equipment is designed to optimize production based on the needs of the specific product you're filling. Some products may be high viscosity, time-sensitive, or require a heated + mixer vessel. This can all be done with proper equipment, ensuring the product evenly deposits.  

With industry-leading bench-top automation equipment, we are happy to help identify opportunities for improvement in filling and packaging line efficiency, cost reduction, and overall improved outputs for your business. To learn more, book a FREE virtual demo to learn more and see the equipment in action.

Still have Questions or Wondering Where to Start?

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