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RoboCAP Series

If you are a distributor who supplies the pharmaceutical, nutritional or food markets, you may qualify to distribute RoboCAP Liquid Capsule/Vial Filling Systems. Please fill out the form in full and we will contact you. Please note that when we contact you we will request information on the products and services you provide now, including copies of catalogs, brochures and sell sheets or a website address.

The RoboCAP is the only Affordable Bench-Top Manual and Semiautomatic Liquid Capsule machine for filling liquids into Hard Gelatine and Veggie Capsules and Bottles. If you’ve been thinking of entering the Liquid Capsule Filling market or have a need for small to medium batch production, give us a call or send us an email and our sales representative will contact you at your convenience.

ATG Pharma’s RoboCAP has been designed as a modular production system. You can start with the ML-1 manual unit and as your production capacity increases, you may upgrade to the RoboCAP robotic models. Eighty percent (80%) of the ML-1 components are reused in the upgrade to the RL-Series robotic systems, and therefore you avoid the expense of purchasing a complete RL-Series robotic system.

These systems are versatile:

  • Start with the ML-1 manual unit and upgrade in the future to the RL-Robotic system,

  • Automatic filling of liquids into capsules,

  • Use the manual capsule filler as a standalone powder capsule filler,

  • Fixtures can be made to fill liquid into vials and small containers,

  • The system can be programmed to hold up to 40 different recipes, or 40 different applications.

The RoboCAP is your cost efficient CGMP Compliant liquid filling capsule machine. It is also ideal for Clinical Trials, Small Scale Production and for Phase 1 and 2 pilot run.